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Grown Folks' Business 2:

 Deliver Us From Otis

Even when we doubt God, He's the only one we can trust! A wonderful story of love, laughter, and the power of Godly intervention! Grown Folks' Business 2: Deliver us from Otis. You loved part one so here's the encore of a much anticipated return of Otis and all his antics. While the family is recovering from an untimely death, drama arises when Grown Folks' Business becomes public.

Norfolk, Virginia


  Rome, Georgia


Antonio Forbes
Anjelica Turner
Arius Davis
Christine Felton
Kory Miles
Angela Denise Cooke
Zeolana Peters
Tanaya Bulluck
Rothell 'Roc' Fallen
Carlton Griffin
Scott Lassiter
Sherita Turner
Robert Duke Owens
The HarMelodies
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