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How You Do Love

How You Do Love is one of the most amazing performances that will completely overwhelm you and give new meaning to the way you Love. It is equipped with side splitting humor that not only makes fun of the different ways we love each other but also how God loves us. The very foundation of love, being God, will be questioned when pain is involved! This spin on Love addresses the very hard questions of dealing with family, friends, and relationships and how we interact when faced with the decisions of how to love others in the midst of turmoil. A very real portrayal of the difficult situations that life can never prepare you enough for. Buckle up for an emotional roller coaster of fun filled entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat while teaching a valuable lesson of How You Do Love! 

Hosted By Comedian

Roz McCoy

Hosted By Comedian

Roz McCoy

Music By
Straight Pocket Band

The Cast

Anastasia Walden

Brianna Tyson

David Waff

G. Dennis Frasier

KeeAjah Baldwin

Lance Hawkins

MaJora Shamone

Melvin Thomas Carroll III

Mimi McAllister

MoRose Rosario

Zeolana Howard

Magnus Martin

Shawn James

Niclous Howard

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