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The Cast


Bernard Biddle

"MR. MACK" /

Bernard Biddle is a native of Norfolk, VA, and began his music career at the age of 12 singing with nummerous groups.  In pursuit of his love for music, "B" moved to California to write, provide vocal backgrounds, training arrangements for multiple artists, and has worked with the likes of Teddy Riley, Leon Sylvers & Gospel Group and Men of Vision.  He has been in several productions with PWP as well as "Summers in Suffolk" starring renowned actress, Marla Gibbs.  He has alsos done a few projects for television..  He is the Assistant Director for PassageWay Productions.  

Pricilla King-Tramiel.jpg

Minister Pricilla King-Tramiel


Minister Pricilla King-Tramiel is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana.  She moved to Virginia over twenty years ago and is very proud of her Cajun roots and enjoys talking about it.  Pricilla is a proud mother of three who she loves very much.  She loves spending time with her children and being a mother.   After retiring as a phlebotomist, Pricilla spends her time helping the elderly.  She loves the Lord and His people.  She is very dependable and is the person you have on speed dial no matter what.  She is judgment free and will have your back.  This is Pricilla's first stage play, and she is very excited to be a part of this production.


George Dennis Frasier


G. Dennis Frasier has portrayed characters in various productions at New Life Worship Center in Norfolk, Virginia. He also had significant roles in other Passageway Productions shows; “The Master’s Pieces” (Ed Sullivan), “Healed Broken” (Doug Cooper), and “How You Do Love” (Rufus Whitaker)  He has also appeared in “Iola’s Letter” (Sam Johnson) directed by Jennifer Kelly-Cooper at the Little Theatre of Norfolk and in “Stars of Abraham” (Faruk Bandir), written and directed by Terrance Afer-Anderson and "A Raisin in the Sun" at the Little Theatre of Virgiinia Beach. Mr. Frasier was awarded the Best Supporting Actor award at the 9th Annual Diamondnique Productions Playwrights Awards, Winston Salem NC 2023 for his role in “How You Do Love”. He is a great part of the PWP family and this is his forth stage play with Passageway Productions.


Donette Harper


Donette Harper was born and raised in Westchester County, New York.  At the tender age of three, she started singing in her grandfather’s church.  From that point, her singing and acting journey began.  She performed in many of her high school talent shows and sang and danced in her school’s performance of Guys and Dolls.  She has performed in The Crucible as Tituba at St. Luke Episcopal Church in Norfolk, Virginia.  Donette is the Arts and Drama Ministry leader at Enoch Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, where she has written plays and been involved in various performances.  She graduated from Norfolk State University Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Fine Arts.   She is currently a Community Member of Norfolk State University’s Theater Company for the fall and spring semester of 2023-2024.   Donette is an accomplished artist and photographer and has lived in the Tidewater area since 1988 working, acting and raising her family.  



Drake Pearson


Drake Pearson is a poet, spoken word artist, and event host. He is also a very talented actor and this is his first role with Passageway Productions.   You can Follow and reach him on his Instagram @s.p.e.a.c o.  He can also be reached via email at

Marquan Hunter.jpg

Marquan Hunter


Marquan Hunter is a Musician, Songwriter, Poet, Model, Actor and Fashion Stylist.  He enjoys writing music and poetry to express who he is and to share his life experiences with the world. 

He has always had a passion for the art of theater. While in high school, Marquan was in drama and excelled in quite a few school productions.  He loves fashion and style. The passion that he plans on pursuing is to start his own fashion styling business. Marquan would love to travel with this business and go all over the world styling some of the most well-known celebrities! 

Tyrome Conyers1.jpg

Tyrome Conyers


Tyrome "Creek" Conyers is a multi-talented creative and performing artist hailing from Philadelphia, PA. With a wealth of experience, he shines as a writer, actor, singer, graphic/web designer, spoken word artist, event host, entrepreneur, event coordinator, sound manager, and promoter. His artistry has graced stages far and wide, from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and even reaching as far as Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nevada, and South Korea. An MBA graduate, Creek is the proud owner of DAENO Entertainment, LLC, and a founding member of Audible Asylum. This unique and innovative social entertainment platform provides inclusive spaces and opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels, fostering creativity while nurturing physical, emotional, and mental well-being through the transformative power of the arts. In addition to his creative pursuits, Creek has dedicated nearly two decades of service to the US Air Force.  Amidst his diverse endeavors, he finds fulfillment in Islam and family life, being happily married with seven children.

Brianna Tyson.jpg

Brianna Tyson


Brianna Tyson is a Kingdom kid born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA.  She has always had a passion for the arts and wanted to become an EGOT at a very young age.  She became a thespian while attending First Colonial High School where she developed her acting and technical skills. Passageway Productions brought her back to her passion in 2018, and she has been an active member in the company ever since. She shared her acting skills in the award-winning stage plays “The Masters Pieces” and “How You Do Love”.  Her tech skills in theatrical makeup and hair helped her to receive the award for Makeup Artist of The Year in 2023 at The Diamondnique Productions Official Playwrights Awards.  She gives ALL GLORY TO GOD for the opportunities and fun!  She loves her son, uncle, and puppy and thanks them for helping support her dreams! 

Kiba Brown.jpg

Kiba Brown


Kiba Nairobi is a woman of many talents.  She is a Mother, Spoken Word Artist/Poet, Baker, Motivational Speaker and an aspiring Actress. She is the co-host of the podcast show ‘What's Your Passion’ and the co-host of the open mic ‘Passion N Poetry’. 

Kiba is also a published author of three books "Her Darkness Grew Here", "A Journey Through Her Writings, Her Thoughts" and "Beauty in Words".  She co-authored an anthology in "Injustice Volume 2".

NairobiMVP is her brand.  She is currently working on restarting a nonprofit organization in dedication of her 16-month-old daughter whom she lost back in 2012.

Her inspiration and passion is poetry because she believes her words are her platform.  “If I can help change the world with my words and heal just one with my words, my passion would be completed. I write because the Revolution will Not Be Televised!” 


KaTrina Green


KaTrina Green is making her acting debut with Passageway Productions.  She is currently serving in the U.S. Navy, but always had a deep passion for theater.  KaTrina has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Tuskegee University and an MBA in Healthcare Management from Saint Leo University.  When she’s not performing, her pastime is singing and volunteering at the Family Village Food Pantry.   


Vernell Butler-King


Vernell Butler- King is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana.  She is a retired chef and loves to cook.  Her love language is cooking, and it puts a smile on everyone's face who tastes it.  Vernell moved to Virginia over 8 years ago.  She is enjoying it and likes being able to travel back home to visit her family.  Vernell is a mother of three and has 14 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  She enjoys the company of her family and friends.  In her spare time, you will find her at church or going to the movies.  She has a heart of gold and shares love everywhere she goes.  This is her first stage play. 


Isabella Tramiel


Isabella Tramiel is affectionately known by her family and close friends as “Queen”!  She is a very busy and active person.  When she is not acting, she is involved in a lot of activities at her school including being SCA President and participating in 14 different clubs and activities.  But if she had to say what her favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is, that would be singing or listening to music.   No matter the genre, singing and listening to music makes her happy!  She also loves musical theater.  In the end, you can say that she loves a lot of things and likes to stay involved!  This is Isabella’s first stage play and she hopes that it won’t be her last!   “Remember, “L’amore vince” (Love conquers all)”.

Connie Tate.jpeg

Connie Tate


Chelon Musiq is from Hampton Roads VA and is a single mother of her son, O’mon. She started singing at the age of 5.  She decided to share her gift with the world at the age of 13 and has been singing ever since.  She has the heart for Gods’ people, especially the youth and  started a non-profit organization called YPLHT (Young People Live Holy Too) Chelon constantly does outreach and firmly believes in meeting people where they are.
“Take it to the streets” an event started under her ministry “Greater Works Ministry” connects and provides for those who are in need and shows and teaches the youth how to serve and have compassion for Gods’ People.  Chelon has many gifts and talents including acting, writing and preaching the Gospel.  She hosts a podcast called “The Chelon Experience” which displays the gifts and talents of artists, musicians, producers, and more located in Virginia.  



Anazjah J


Reil Johnson-Williams Born in new jersey but raised in Georgia. Stage name is Anazjah J Multitalented artist : Rap, Sing, upcoming Actress and model and more. Just dropped first single Run to on Feb 29, out on all platforms. With a music video coming soon on March 13. I’ve always felt like I was meant to act because I was born a CHARACTER! Lol.

Marsellis Thomas.jpg

Marsellis Thomas


Marsellis Thomas is an Actor, Singer, Songwriter and Musician from New York.  While living in New York, he played football, basketball and ran track.  He is a Minister at New Beginnings Outreach Church Inc where he serves as an Armour Bearer, under the Leadership of his Pastor Debra A. Winston and Apostle Carlton C. Winston Sr.  He believes in being an active, positive, GOD-fearing role model to everyone that is connected to him.  He pulls his inspiration from Jesus Christ.  He has seen many first-hand struggles in his life while growing up in New York, but he pulls total strength from (Haggai 2:9)…your latter will be greater than your beginning!


Zeolana Howard


Zeolana "Zee" Howard, a native of Virginia Beach, VA,  has a natural acting ability, which has given her many opportunities to perform in several stage plays.  A few of her starring roles were in "God Don't Like Ugly" and "Stop! You're Hurting My Ears" with Mother & Daughter Productions, and past PWP productions.  She is also a "No-Nonsense Mixed with that Black Girl Magic" talented spoken word artist!  She believes she is fulfilling the purpose which God has for her life through PWP and the performing arts. She is the Production Manager of PassageWay Productions, where she is overjoyed to utilize her expertise and be the teammate and support system PWP deserves.  She would like to thank her family and friends for their continued love and support.  




Niclous P. Howard


Niclous P. Howard was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia.  He is the CEO of PassageWay Productions, which he started in 2006 out of Jacksonville, FL.  He is a 20-year Navy veteran who started writing plays while deployed overseas. He has written, produced and directed several gospel plays including “Prayer Changes Things”, “Too Angry to Cry”, “That’s What Family Do” and "Healed Broken". His hit gospel play “The Master’s Pieces” won 4 nominations at the Church Stars awards, including Gospel Stage Play of the year.  His last production "How You Do Love" won  Gospel Play of the Year and Niclous won Playwright of the Year 2023 at the Official Diamondnique Playwright Awards in Winston-Salem, NC.  He also won a Black Men Rock Image Award for Playwright of the Year 2024.  He looks forward to writing more plays and also becoming a published author.


Stanley Ray Jr


Quiera Peters

Quiera Peters


Ke Perry.jpg

Ke Perry


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